Twinhead International Corp. | 倫飛電腦實業股份有限公司
Mission Statement
" To provide application specific hardware systems which accommodate individual industry requirements to solution providers everywhere, and facilitate their integration process ".
Chairman's Message
Welcome to Twinhead’s website. Here you will find our most updated technology/products and other corporate information. I hope it will help you to find the solution suitable for your field and, at the same time, get a deeper understanding of Twinhead. As a company, we were founded more than twenty years ago. It is so long that for the world around us has undergone dramatic changes. Students who once enjoyed Twinhead products most likely have become parents during this period. Workers who used Twinhead products on their jobs then may have assumed top management position now.

As time goes by, Twinhead also needs to readjust and position itself in face of the changing climate. For the past years, Twinhead has dedicated itself to reform and re-engineering. We have move our product line from consumers oriented to industrial oriented. We have turned our process from production-centric to service-centric. However, no matter how products/business models may change, our core spirit remains true. It is to value service, to lead with creativity and to pursue excellence. In that regard, we are the same company as we were two decades ago. It is this spirit that all the colleagues within this organization take pride from. With that, I hope for more advises and support from you, our customers.