Twinhead International Corp. | 倫飛電腦實業股份有限公司
Design service
Twinhead offers all Kinds of custom-made products and solutions to meet the unique demand of customers.
Partial or full Customization
Partial Customization
Twinhead provides all kinds of developed products for customer reference. Based on Twinhead present products, customers can do some partial modification to meet their requirements. We provide the following advantages by Partial-Customization:
  • By Partial-Customization, Customers not only understand the product quality, price and production lead time more clearly but also know more how to integrate the product features into their applications.
  • Partial-Customization can shorten the product development cycle time to achieve faster time-to-market.
  • Partial-Customization can provide customers custom-made products at lower costs.
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Fully Customization
If customer needs can’t be satisfied by modifying Twinhead present products, Twinhead can provides fully customizable products.

Twinhead’s ability for fully customize products includes the following items:
  • Operator-adaptive human-machine interface design
  • Rugged mechanical design that can fit the environments of vary industry applications
  • Motherboard designs that can support different classes of computing power
  • Wireless communication system that can integrate different communication specifications such as WWAN、WLAN、GPS、Bluetooth
  • To meet all kinds of safety standards
  • Other special designs
Development Process
With the rigorous Development Process, Twinhead ensures the specification, quality, cost and schedule of product to meet the requirements of customers precisely.
  • To satisfy the unique demand of customer, Twinhead will assign one specific person to communicate with the customer and plan the product specification.

  • After transforming customer demand into the product specification, Twinhead will form a R&D team to do feasibility analysis for the project. R&D team members could include EE、ME、SW、Thermal、RF、Safety、EMI、DQA and PUR, decided by the scope of customization. Every department will need to provide the consideration of whole product design to ensure that right technology is incorporated in the product design and the initial concept design meet customer demand.

  • Before mass production, the product needs to pass the strict verification for design engineering, including EVT, DVT and PVT. With this process, Twinhead is able to provide the products with high quality.

Project Management
Twinhead will assign a dedicated PM to plan and manage the project schedule, product cost and quality requirement. In addition, Twinhead PM will offer product information and inquiry regularly to customer and make them understand the project status completely. Twinhead Standard Operating Procedure of project management will make products to be fully compliant with the requirements of customers and enter mass production smoothly.