Twinhead International Corp. | 倫飛電腦實業股份有限公司
Manufacturing Service
Besides design service, Twinhead also offers wide range of manufacturing service including the following items:
Fully Rugged Product Validation
For products which need to fit military standards, Twinhead will run every kind of testing such as water proof, vibration, high and low temperature shock, and humidity test. If the defective rate of sample inspection exceeds the acceptable rate, the batch of products will be rejected. After investigating the root cause of product defect and improving them, the production just can be continued again.

Besides, products in every product line all need to pass high and low temperature shock test and run in high temperature for 19 hours. The products which pass all tests just can be shipped.
Special Feature Validation
If the products have special properties, manufacturing plants will run verification tests for these special properties. For example, RF components like WCDMA, GPS, RFID or others like Barcode Scanner, and Magnetic Stripe Reader. If customers have their own design of special properties, Twinhead will cooperate with customers to develop the verification equipments and run the verification tests.
Flexible Production System
Twinhead production system has cell production lines and conveyor belt production lines to have the best production flexibility, and enable to run various and different amount of order demand. In the same time, Twinhead production system not only accepts orders of completed system delivery, bare bone kits delivery and semi kits delivery, but also sends products to customer factories, warehouses or appointed destinations.
Supply Chain Management
To meet the unique features and customer requirements for IPC market, Twinhead has developed one supply chain management system which evaluates choices of components and suppliers cautiously before adoption. In addition, Twinhead also establishes SOP to evaluate the alternative solutions of end-of-life (EOL) components. With this SOP, Twinhead is able to ensure products that are fully compliant with the product specification and life cycle.

Besides, Twinhead also offers all kinds of purchasing models such as purchasing materials for customers, accepting Consign Parts and purchasing materials from appointed suppliers etc.