Internal Audit


The business activity unit of the Company as a whole, the business activity unit of the Company as a whole.

Audit Organization

Twinhead International Corp. has set up the independent Audit Office under the Board of Directors to implement internal control.

Audit Operations and Responsibilities

  • The Audit Office performs relevant work according to the audit plan, confirms that the Company’s internal operations comply with the law and internal control systems, conducts special audits as appropriate, and provides timely reports to the Board of Directors to help understand the potential risks in the operations.
  • Meanwhile during the regular internal audits, accountants will also review the aforementioned internal systems of the Company every year.
  • The Audit Office assists the Board of Directors to independently and objectively evaluate the comprehensiveness, effectiveness, and implementation of its internal control system and provide timely improvement suggestions to reasonably ensure the continuous implementation of the internal control system.
  • The Audit Office provides relevant investigation, evaluation or consulting services to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its corporate governance responsibilities. Meanwhile, they also enhance and maintain the audit quality and implementation effects by elevating the professional capabilities of auditors.

Audit Process