Environmental Protection

Environmental Management

Under the premise of pursuing balanced development and sustainable operations of Twinhead International Corp. and DURABOOK, the General Manager signed to formulate Twinhead International Corp’s Safety, Hygiene, and Environmental Protection Policy. The Company has made its promise to the outside world that the Company is determined to protect the environment and maintain community safety, and made sanitation and environmental protection are the primary concerns for the Company’s sustainable operations.

Twinhead International Corp. introduced the ISO 14001 environmental management system in 2018 and listed the deficiencies found through environmental audits into the focus of improvement. The Company continued to improve through the PDCA cycle to make the environmental management system legally compliant and make constant progress. We promise:

  • To be legally compliant: All products, activities and services of the Company comply with the government’s environmental protection regulations and other requirements.
  • To promote risk management: Lower environmental impact and lower the impact on people and the environment.
  • To continuously improve: Regularly review management performance, and continue to work towards the goal of zero disasters, zero accidents, and zero pollution.
  • To implement training and education: Make all employees aware of the Company’s policies and responsibilities to stakeholders and provide necessary occupational training.
  • To satisfy customer needs: Fully realize our commitment to the customers and help customers and suppliers understand the Company’s environmental policies.

Environmental Sustainability Practice

Green Products

In view of the impact of global climate change and the importance of environmental protection, the Company continues to promote and implement green design of products, compliance with various green regulations and standards of various countries, formulate a green product management mechanism and evaluate the compliance of its green products.

Green Product Development Phase

The Company introduced the concept of environmental protection designs, added ideas such as energy conservation, low harm, and easy recycling to take on environmental issues, and ensure that the products meet green requirements while also seeking out possible alternative technologies for other parts, thus improving the environmental performance of products. The Company is also developing low energy consumption products, and meet the relevant requirements of the Energy Star low energy consumption regulations.

Material Source Control

The Company introduced the Green Product Management (GPM) system, and ensures that the materials meet the requirements of international green regulations. The Company control the green requirements in the manufacturing process from parts to finished products and avoid and reduce the use of harmful substances in the products.

Green Design

The green design items are based on the international environmental protection label as a blueprint: low harmfulness, easy disassembly, less packaging materials, low energy consumption and other green concepts are taken in as primary concerns. Four major non-hazardous substances are controlled:

Sustainable Packaging Materials Selection

For the selection of packaging materials, in addition to considering the protection of the product, environmental protection is also taken into consideration. Recyclable packaging materials that do not contain harmful substances are used to comply with the EU packaging directive and other national regulations.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Twinhead International Corp. fulfills its social responsibilities, respects human rights, and continues to pay attention to the issue of conflict minerals. The Company is committed to investigating the supply chain in detail to ensure that tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), gold (Au), colbalt (Co), and palladium (Pd) are not mined from areas controlled by militant groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries. The company has also formulated policies and commitment statements related to conflict minerals in accordance with the law.