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Last Updated September 2018

Thank you for visiting the website of (“Twinhead”). We highly respect your privacy rights, and, therefore, this privacy policy is to help you understand how we collect, use and protect your information. This privacy policy provides the following: (1) the types of information we collect from this website, (2) the use of the information we collect from this website, (3) your consent to collect and use the information, (4) how we protect information collected from this website, and (5) how you can access the collected information and have it modified or removed from our records. This privacy policy does not apply to any information that is not collected from this website, and this privacy policy will be changed from time to time to provide better protection of your information. It is your responsibility to check any updates in our privacy policy.

1.Types of Information We Collect

Twinhead collects only the necessary and relevant information limited to the purposes that are defined as follows:

  • Personal Information: Personal information is defined as the identifiable information of an individual, such as name, phone number, and address. In this website, you may provide your personal information as follows:

(1) Under the “Contact Us” webpage of our Website, you may leave your personal information in order to contact us. 

  • Non-Personal Information: Non-personal information will be collected directly from you when you visit our Website:

(1) Information we collect using cookie and similar technologies

2. Your Consent to Collect and Use the Information

You must be 18 years of age or older to use this website. Twinhead does not intend to collect or hold any personal information from persons under 18 years of age, and no content in this website is designed to attract people of 18 years of age. By submitting personal information to Twinhead, you are also acknowledging that Twinhead may use this information in accordance with this privacy policy. Twinhead uses the collected information for the purpose of which it is submitted. Your personal information is not used for any other purposes unless we obtain your permission or unless otherwise required or permitted by law or professional standards. For example, we may use the email address you leave in the “Contact Us” section to reply to your questions.

  • Additional Purposes for Using Personal Information

(1) To give you updates and information about the question or service you request,

(2) To understand the needs and interests of our customers

  1. Use of Your Personal Information within Twinhead

To provide you with our best products and service, Twinhead may share your personal information with our affiliates. Affiliates in this context are the companies controlled or owned by us. This website is built in Taiwan; however, if you are a visitor from any country outside of Taiwan, the information you submit or the communications between you and Twinhead will necessarily result in the transfer of information across international boundaries. By using this website, you have already consented to the transfer of personal information across international boundaries.

  1. Sharing Personal Information with Third Party Service Providers

To better assist your needs, we may have a third party to help us with some services, such as service providers for after-sale repair services in the countries outside of Taiwan, website maintenance, marketing service and analysis. We may share your personal information with them to provide you with better services. However, we will require the third parties to agree and to keep your personal information in strict confidence, and they are required to comply with the safeguards of this policy. Also, these third party service providers will only have access to the personal information that is required to perform their functions, and they are not allowed to share or use that personal information for any other purposes.

  1. Disclosure of Personal Information as Required by Laws

Your personal information may be disclosed to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Automatic Collection of Personal Information

Cookies may be placed on your computer or devices when you visit our website. This allows the website to serve a variety of purposes. Strictly necessary cookies are essential to this website for correct functionality. For example, they enable access to secure areas. These cookies do not gather any information for marketing purposes or to retain information where you have been on the internet.

By entering our website or entering your login details to access areas reserved for our registered users, you agree that we can place these cookies on your computer or internet-enabled devices.

3. Protection of the Collected Information

With respect to your confidentiality, Twinhead makes our best effort to maintain the security and confidentiality of personal information we collect from you. To safeguard your personal information, Twinhead provides the industry standard security technologies to store your information and prevent unauthorized access from any third party. Also, Twinhead restricts its own employees’ access to your personal information. Only authorized employees in the company are allowed access to the stored information and make changes using the collected information. In any event that Twinhead decides there has been a security breach that threatens the security of your personal information, Twinhead will notify you immediately via email or any other methods if possible, and Twinhead will also announce the security breach on its website with regards to the situation of the breach.

By using this website, you acknowledge and understand that the security of personal information you submit online cannot be 100% guaranteed. To the extent permitted by law, Twinhead is not responsible for the misuse, loss of, or unauthorized access to your personal information. However, Twinhead will try with its best efforts to maintain the security of your information that is collected.

4. Your Rights to Access or Remove the Collected Information

You may have the right to request access to the personal information that we hold about you. You may have the right to amend or correct the information kept in our records, and you may request to know how your information has been used and who your personal information has been disclosed to by Twinhead. Also, you can specifically request Twinhead not to share your personal information to its affiliates or any third parties. If you would like to access or amend your personal information which was collected by Twinhead, to confirm your privacy choice, to request Twinhead not to share your personal information to any person(s), please contact us at:

5. Contact us

Twinhead is committed to protecting your online privacy and personal information. Please contact us at for any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy.