Comprehensive Renumeration System

The company provides market-comparable salaries, and there are holiday bonuses, incentive bonuses, and year-end bonuses so that employees can enjoy the results of the Company’s achievements.

Multiple Subsidies and Gifts System

To reward employees for their hard work, Twinhead International Corp. provides a variety of gifts, subsidies and allowances such as:

Thoughtful Leave System

We fully understand that people need to rest for a longer journey ahead, and that is why we thoughtfully allow our employees with the following types of Leaves:

Learning Plan

To sustain talents, the company believes that only continuous learning and training can help our employees enhance their competence, improve their work abilities and efficiency. The company provides employees with systematic and professional training and learning resources and the training is divided into the following categories:

Senior Supervisor Training

Mid-Level Supervisor Training

Grassroot Supervisor

Core Staff Training

If you would like to learn more about Twinhead International Corp’s global recruitment and employment opportunities, please contact us: